At Bat: Follow your team from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between At Bat is a way for baseball fans to follow their teams every move when they are on the move. It provides users with the play by play of the games as well as gives users up to date information on standings, stats, trades, and a plethora of other useful information. At Bat is a free app for mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and others. MLB.TV is an additional purchase which can be made which allows users outside of their home market to be able to stream the games live. Personally I since I am a San Francisco Giants fan living in San Diego, I have used this service for years and it is worth every single cent. A subscription for this product is $129.99 for the year.

This product has changed the way baseball fans get their information and are able to get up to the second scores. It has helped keep fans in the game and tuned into their favorite teams. At Bat is the highest-grossing sport app of all-time and shows no signs of slowing down. In 2012 At Bat was downloaded a record 6.7 million times but only five days into the 2013 MLB season the app has been downloaded over four million times. Downloads of the app in 2013 are sure to break the record set last year.

In addition to just At Bat, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, or MLBAM, has three other apps users can download. At the Ballpark allows users to access information about all 30 MLB stadiums as well as get access to ballpark maps, ticket information, videos, and some stadiums even give you the list of songs they play as players walk up to bat. There are links to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms in which users can discuss the game with other fans. Beat the Streak gives fans an opportunity to win $5.6 million. To do this you must correctly predict which players will record a hit during a game, 56 times in a row. The third app that MLBAM has released this year is the app. This app gives users information about the Minor League systems of each club and provides many of the same information that the MLB At Bat app provides.

During the 2013 World Baseball Classic this year users were able to follow their countries home teams via the MLB At Bat app. Fans from all over the world were able to check scores, schedules, and stats.

Major League Baseball is at the forefront of technology when it comes to sporting organizations. MLBAM is dedicated to provide baseball fans with easily accessible information at their fingertips. The NFL has tried to provide the same type of service by in my opinion MLB is light years ahead of any other sport.  In addition many stadiums throughout the country have installed free Wi-Fi for its users since cell phone signals are easily overcome when 40,000 fans are trying to send a text or update their status on Facebook simultaneously.

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